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We're growing into one of the largest crypto mining operations in North America.

Mining is the engine that fuels the blockchain ecosystem.

Just listen to our engines roar.

We don't buy mining rigs.

We build them.

By sourcing components and building our own mining machines we deliver an immediate increase in FF&E asset value.

Our hash rate increases as Greenfire continues to deploy more miners, and with it the rewards for participating in the ecosystem.

Revenue / Asset Generation

We aggressively accumulate crypto assets through our wholly owned and proprietary mining operation.

Established Bulk Purchasing Channels

Our team has grown favorable and reliable relationships during the toughest of times for the global supply chain.

Unprecedented Velocity

Momentum from excellence in execution is a pillar of Greenfire's creed.


Planning is already underway for expansion into our new multi-megawatt facility.

Designed for Flexibility

By remaining agile we quickly adapt to changing circumstances, mitigating risks to the business.


Get in touch with us

We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days, and are happy to respond your questions. Your contact information will not be published or shared.

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